Brooke Sassman has created content with everyone from the Jonas Brothers to President Joe Biden. The 29-year-old communications powerhouse recently joined Chase social as a Vice President to lead and transform the bank’s approach to content. Prior to JP Morgan Chase & Co., she was the driving force behind CNBC Make It social, where she wrote, produced and appeared in content for the brand. Her work drove a 90% increase in TikTok followers over a 3-month period as part of a newly implemented engagement strategy. Her coverage even caught the attention of Kevin O’Leary. At the TODAY Show, Brooke developed and launched the Instagram strategy that turned the platform into the second highest driver of referral traffic to the site. Her favorite memory of all? Spearheading social coverage at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. That same year, Brooke was awarded a Shorty Award for a long form video profile of a Las Vegas shooting survivor. Brooke’s work can be seen on social, digital, on-air and in yellow taxi cabs across the country.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Brooke!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I came across this site when I clicked your Avatar – though it seems like a separate blog from the one you’re using in our writing class, right?

    Congrats on Cap & Skull. That’s quite impressive! What’s also impressive is all of the articles you’ve had published. Nice work! I can tell you’re a great fit for the field you’re in!


    1. Hi!

      Yes, it’s a separate blog that I’m working on turning into a website. Not sure why my class blog isn’t connected to this avatar. I played with it a few times and it isn’t working!

      Thanks for your kind words! That’s seriously so nice of you! 🙂

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